Naturally wood

Solid wood – a good choice!

Wood is a unique raw material. By purchasing high-quality solid wood furniture, you demonstrate your sense of quality. Solid wood furniture is something really special. It is unique and quite individual in its characteristics, appearance, grain and colour thanks to its natural structures and other features.

Ensure sustainability

Solid wood furniture is a valuable commodity from an environmental point of view. Our raw materials, over previous decades, come only from sustainable forestry regions. This ensures more wood grows than is removed. This means that untreated solid wood furniture can be used and disposed of with next to no harmful effects to the environment.

Solid wood – not a matter of definition

What exactly deserves the title "solid wood furniture"? The DIN 68871 (German Industrial Standard) states the following: “A unit of furniture can be called solid wood or fully wooden if all the components – apart from the rear wall and the drawer bases – are made entirely from one type of wood and not of veneer.” Since furniture made with veneered chipboard or fibreboard is advertised as being "genuine wood", the German Warentest Institute correctly points out that the significant attribute "solid" should not be confused with the term "genuine".

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Feeling curious? You too are now sure to find your own personal favourite bedroom suite among our many different furniture ranges made from solid wood!

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The "Initiative Pro Massivholz" ("Initiative for Solid Wood") provides you with a lot of exciting information on the subject of solid wood.