Product innovations

Every year at Thielemeyer we introduce some new solid wood models. In stating this, it is our commitment to build upon what has proven itself, and to integrate further innovations, so that the final result is something special. It is our aim to excite our customers with our ideas and the models which arise from them.

Innovations 2017

Innovations 2017


Cubo is a solid wood model with an elaborate surface treatment in Altholz design. This design gives the model a unique, modern and distinctive look that is only available at Thielemeyer.
Discover the sheer beauty and options of this wild ash or oak model.


Innovations 2016

Innovations 2016

Mira 4.0

Whether in wild oak, structured ash or natural beech: Mira 4.0 is our favourite classic model in its most modern variation. Discover the versatility and possible combinations of this model!



Natural beech is quite individual and its natural appearance is impressive – it is wood in its most beautiful form. The comfort of Pura is just as impressive – let yourself be surprised.

Innovations 2015

Innovations 2015

Loft range extension

We have extended our Loft range on customer requests. With immediate effect, all the metal profiles and handles are now available both in chrome as well as in a stainless steel look.

Chrome contour

The chrome slat is considered to be a very popular contour element for furniture. Its glossy look gives the unit a very modern appearance.

Discover chrome contour

Stainless steel look contour

The slat, with the stainless steel look, adapts perfectly to your unit and rounds off its overall appearance. In an interplay with the handles, it conveys a more peaceful and structured feel to the unit which creates a calm atmosphere in the room and invites you to enjoy your surroundings.

Discover stainless steel look contour

Range enhancements to Casa and Mira Multi 3

A bed drawer is immediately available for the "Casa" and "Mira Multi 3" ranges.

Casa bedroom model

The gentle forms of the solid oak in Casa are most appealing – and together with the high-quality details, the result is a most exclusive design. With the comprehensive variety of possible arrangements, ancillary units and intelligent extras available, lovers of solid wood are sure to find their favourite bedroom suite. 

Discover Casa

Mira Multi 3 bedroom model

Mira is most convincing for lovers of solid wood due to the impressive choice of woods and the elegant coloured glass surfaces. The range provides numerous options and a comprehensive selection of ancillary units that prove its functionality as well as its design and quality. 

New in the collection

The "Cero" and "Isola" models are available immediately.

Cero Bedroom model

Cero is our model for all those who love the extraordinary: the puristic design meets solid wild core beech with white lacquer. The result? Wildly natural but elegant – a unique mixture that you will never get enough of.

Discover Cero

Isola Bedroom model

50mm thick Wild oak for your bedroom suite – a really solid reason for having a sleep-in in the morning! With a cubic design and lots of craftsmanlike details, Isola is also exactly the right choice for lovers of solid wood furniture.

Discover Isola