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Everything is in harmony here. While the bright, fresh, clear crystal beech features an expressive grain, warm colour accents in Fango and the curved design exude an all-round feeling of harmonious space.



It is only when everything has been matched perfectly that you get that wonderful feeling of relaxation. That is why our bathroom collection provides you with a wide array of possible combinations, from the type or colour of wood to the fittings themselves.


Create Your Oasis of Well-Being

With FRESH, your bathroom becomes a personal oasis of relaxation and well-being. The potential combinations not only create a sense of luxury, but also emphasize the connection to nature.


Stylish Relaxation at Your Place

MILO creates a harmonious connection between naturalness, relaxation, and security. It invites you to retreat in peace, leave behind the stress of the day, and linger in an ambiance that is not only visually pleasing but also imparts a genuine sense of well-being.



STEEL Loftstyle

Solid wood, metal, coloured glass and split wood combine stylishly to create a bathroom that is elevated to a cool eye-catcher thanks to its elegant passepartout look.

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Climate-neutral furniture production

It has always been of great importance to us to work in the interests of future generations and for the benefit of the climate. We therefore wear the RAL "Climate-neutral furniture production" quality mark with pride.

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Furniture Made in Germany

We were one of the first companies to be tested successfully. The geographical mark of origin issued by the German Furniture Industry Association (VDM) since 1st August 2020 is intended to provide consumers at home and abroad with a reliable aid when purchasing furniture. The strict criteria for awarding the label were laid down by the German Institute for Quality Control and Labelling (RAL).

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Genuine quality products are the result when people, technology and raw materials form a perfect union. Find out more about the quality of Thielemeyer furniture.


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Custom-sized products

As we manufacture all our products here in Germany, we are able to accommodate any special wishes, so that your furniture has the perfect fit.