The success story of a family business.

Thielemeyer stands for progress with tradition. Originating in a small carpenter's shop, today we have grown into a modern furniture manufacturer. Our dedicated staff forms the bridge between traditional craftsmanship and highly modern production techniques.

The beginnings 1922

The beginnings 

Furniture has been manufactured under the name of Thielemeyer in Westenholz from as early as 1922. In his small carpenter's shop, the company founder, Bernhard Thielemeyer, manufactured products for every room in the home ¬– entirely by hand. One of the most renowned solid wood bedroom suite manufacturers has evolved from this regional workshop.

The 1940's and 1950's 40's

The 1940's and 1950's

After the Second World War, Thielemeyer rethought their business concept. It transformed from purely manual operations into a modern series production facility. More staff was employed and an extremely modern range of machinery, for its time, was acquired. With the support of family, this transformation soon proved to be successful.

The 1960's 60's

The 1960's 

The company succeeded in taking another decisive step in 1964. The production area was extended by around 5,000 m² through purchasing a neighbouring furniture factory. With the new “Factory II”, Thielemeyer was able to successfully meet the strong increase in demand in times of economic boom.

The 1970's 70's

The 1970's

The capacities of the company were further extended. By building a new and modern furniture factory in 1972 an additional 11,000 m² of production area are now at the company's disposal. Period furniture, that were in particular demand, at this time were manufactured in the new factory.

The 1980's 80's

The 1980's

In Factory II, the production of period furniture was converted to manufacture solid wood furniture made from spruce. In addition to this reorientation, in 1989 a third production facility was set up to provide another production area of 10,000 m².

The 1990's 90's

The 1990's 

Factory III was completely destroyed in an extensive fire in 1999. This calamitous event was caused by a technical defect. An extension to the existing Factory I, at short notice, and the immediate building of a new 12,000 m² large production facility, at Grubebachstraße, helped the company move forward with strength.

Today 2018


Solid wood furniture is viewed today as being a product of utmost quality. There is an enormous amount of interest in these natural products with an innovative design. This is the reason for the continued success of the Thielemeyer company. Quality and production capacities are continuously being improved through new production techniques. Nor do we have any problem in quickly fulfilling any special customer wishes through the flexible manufacture of custom-sized products.