Bed unit 01

A bed for dreaming

The bed is the heart of your bedroom! With Mira you have a choice between three different bedheads, types of consoles and varying bed feet, so that you can feel really at ease. The integrated LED lamps create a great ambience. The optional storage drawers, with their practical fabric covers that are integrated into the bed feet create some additional, dust-free storage space. Sleep tight!

Choice 02

Create your own look

With Mira, we have created solid wood bedroom units with attention to detail of solid wood providing that provide limitless possible combinations. You can expect high quality wood, exquisite coloured glass surfaces and a high level of craftsmanship from every unit from Mira. Round off your own individual bedroom suite from our large collection of ancillary units.  

Wood versions 03

Solid wood in two versions

Living Interiors 04

Bedrooms with Mira

A feeling of well-being: by day and night

Not only meant for looking at but also built for living: these beautiful solid wood units for your bedroom invite you to jump around, play, cuddle up, lounge around, read or simply have a chat. Depending on how they are combined, the materials and colours give your bedroom suite a quite personal and unique look. The natural touch and consistent use of sensible details also make Mira a bedroom for a feeling of well-being – not only because of its appearance. The cleverly designed ancillary units and enhancements ensure everything is accommodated tidily so you will enjoy a relaxing sleep.

Wardrobe system 05

The one for all.

Tidiness in the wardrobe can be so beautiful! And that’s why you are the one who decides how this solid wood wardrobe is designed on the inside and outside – our versatile range of fittings provides you with lots of scope for your own ideas.

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    LED built-in lighting

    Practical interior LED lamps that are fitted on the outer wardrobe sides or partitions, help you find what you are looking for. Delivery includes door sensors. It is now even more comfortable and easy to sort your clothes with the pull-out shelf.

  2. x

    Clothes lift in chrome

    Gain easy access to all the hanging clothes you have in the wardrobe with our clothes lift. The chrome clothes rod is only available for wardrobe units in a width of 97 cm. 

  3. x


    The transparent belt-holder is mounted directly on the inside of the wardrobe to save space. It can be pulled out and therefore gives you quick and easy access to up to 8 belts.

  4. x

    Power LED lamp

    The power LED lamp with motion sensor can be placed individually. It is powered by a rechargeable battery so there is no need for unnecessary cables.

  5. x

    Built-in mirror

    You have decided on wooden doors, but do not want to have to forego the practicality of having a mirror?  The built-in interior mirror is exactly what you need for checking that you have made the right choice of outfit!

Chests of drawers 06

For all those who love a choice

Chests on the floor or on the wall, panels, consoles, mirrors, a bed bench and a bed drawer or a top shelf: we have the right fittings for your bedroom. Here again you can choose from different materials, colours, lamps and other fittings. You will find all the various possibilities fully classified in the type list.

On request 07

Custom-sized products

So you have already decided on Mira but you require your furniture in a different size? No problem, thanks to our highly qualified staff we are always best prepared to meet your custom needs.

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Gallery 08

Home is best.

If you are looking for the extraordinary and authentic, you will get exactly what you are looking for with this model range. Carefully selected and designed with an eye for detail, every single piece as an expression of your personal style and yet always made for living.


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