Quality attributes

Quality, trust and safety are important to us from the outset.
The Thielemeyer company philosophy means a commitment to quality in every respect. The product range is designed to meet individual customer wishes regarding natural and representative furniture in the home. 

Where people, technology and raw materials come together to build quality products. Our employees bring technical know-how, creativity and enthusiasm for producing unique furniture to the company. Their trained eye for the living material continuously results in new solutions which are forever a joy to our customers all over the world.

Quality is an experience

Technology – at Thielemeyer this means modern machinery with extremely precise processing techniques, which we are constantly developing and enhancing to ensure our furniture is the best for its time – timelessly beautiful and extremely durable.

The raw material is solid wood. And furniture that is manufactured from it is something quite special. The material is very versatile in its processing possibilities and yet every unit that is made from it is genuinely unique, conveying its characteristics and singularity to the rooms we live in.

Committed to quality

At Thielemeyer, we consider our furniture to be a complete entity. This begins with our products, which are designed to create a natural and exclusive room ambience. To achieve this, we bring together all the values that are inherent in solid wood: natural beauty, durability in daily use and living in a biologically healthy room climate.

We consider this philosophy as an incentive, as well as a great obligation. Besides a high-quality product, it is the Thielemeyer values that resonate and make us really special.

Quality in black and white

It is important to have sincere conviction in the quality of one's own products. And it is just as important to know that this conviction has been confirmed independently. That is why all our furniture bear the Seal of the German Material Quality Association ("Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft e. V.") – a seal certifying the highest quality of materials and workmanship. Through our membership in the DGM, we have voluntarily committed ourselves to meeting the strict requirements in the quality system of the RAL (German Testing Institute). These requirements are aimed at the durability and perfect and seamless functionality of all our products, their safety and environmental friendliness, as well as meeting the needs of the consumer in their daily use. These criteria are continually being monitored by neutral testing institutes in comprehensive tests.

Furniture Made in Germany

We were one of the first companies to be tested successfully. The geographical mark of origin issued by the German Furniture Industry Association (VDM) since 1st August 2020 is intended to provide consumers at home and abroad with a reliable aid when purchasing furniture. The strict criteria for awarding the label were laid down by the German Institute for Quality Control and Labelling (RAL).

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Quality of our bathroom furniture.

The surfaces of our bathroom furniture are treated with a special lacquer that has passed the strict and independent test “moisture resistance test“ of the INTERTEK Institute.

Material quality: pollutant free

We have also been awarded the Emissions Label of the German Material Quality Association (DGM). This means that it has been officially confirmed: the entire Thielemeyer collection meets the requirements of Emissions Class "A" and therefore presents no health risks to the user. The Emissions Label gives you information on harmful emissions and thus protects you against any health risks. Classification is proved by corresponding pollutant tests and the label is awarded solely by the DGM.

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Quality Booklet

It is our priority to craft the highest quality furniture for you. All our furniture bears the Seal of the German Material Quality Association, certifying the highest quality of materials and workmanship.

Furthermore, it is a quality criterion for the health safety of the materials in use. 

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Solid wood - naturally!

As a founding member in the "Initiative Pro Massivholz" (Initiative Pro Solid Wood) it is important to us, to highlight the quality and valance of solid wood. Furthermore, we educate our customers to the positive environmental and ecological aspects of our products.

Solid wood furniture are elegant, expressive, durable, long-lasting and easy to look after - it is worth it!