We love nature and our environment!

This is not only a social and ecological responsibility for us, but is also part of our company philosophy and a quality feature of our furniture.

Ensuring sustainability

Solid wood furniture is a valuable commodity from an environmental point of view. For decades, raw materials have come only from sustainable forestry regions. Ensuring more wood grows than is removed. This means that solid wood furniture can be used and disposed of with next to no harmful effects to the environment.

For over 90 years, we have represented the finest craftsmanship in processing natural raw materials whilst respecting the natural and social environment. As a responsible furniture manufacturer, we effectively utilise nature’s own resources. That means, for example, thermally utilising our wood cut offs, sawdust and so on in our own heating system, reducing our own CO2 footprint and externally sourced energy.

Our efforts

We are constantly striving to be responsible towards the environment and will continue to do so. From printing brochures on FSC certified paper to purchasing raw materials from suppliers who practice sustainable forestry. We always have nature and the enviroment at the forefront of our mind. 

Our models

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