The Furniture Retailer is Your Contact

We are convinced that you will enjoy using our products for a long time. That's why we go further than the legal requirements demand it. Because there is no ifs and buts when it comes to your satisfaction. In the unlikely event of any complaint, your first point of contact is the furniture retailer, from whom you purchased the furniture. All documentation related to the purchase of the furniture should be carefully retained, even beyond the warranty period of 5 years. This makes it easier for you, if ever required, to provide all the necessary information regarding the model name, year of production and so on.

5 Year Warranty

We provide you with a 5-year warranty on the material and surface condition, the functioning of moving parts and professional processing of the product, provided the product is used in the intended and proper manner. A mandatory part of our warranty is that the installation of the furniture be carried out by authorised specialist installers in compliance with our specifications and according to the installation instructions. In the case of consequential damage due to self-assembly or failure to follow the installation instructions, no liability is assumed.

Not covered by the warranty

  • Incorrect installation by unauthorised persons 
  • Usage dependant wear and tear 
  • Wear due to excessive or improper use 
  • Unusual use outside private residential use. For example, commercial use 
  • Extraneous/prolonged contact with heat, moisture, liquids and care/cleaning products 
  • Damage caused by pointy, sharp, hot or wet objects 
  • Environmental influences such as extreme dryness, humidity, light or temperature 
  • Intentional destruction, misappropriation, overload or accidental damage 
  • Damage and soiling from pets, heat sources, weather, storms 
  • Soiling such as, for example, from body perspiration or hair care products 
  • All changes due to acids, solvents or alcohol 
  • Unsuitable cleaning, repairs and/or repair attempts 
  • Typical properties of the furniture