Good quality starts even before production

With the arrival of our incoming goods begins our product quality control. Here material defects can be avoided at an early stage and through the assessment of the material we achieve a high quality standard. Our experienced employees assess the material deliveries upon arrival to release only selected materials that meet our standard. Close cooperation with our suppliers, many from our region, is important to us. Visits to our suppliers ensure that our quality standards are met.

Solid wood

Solid wood is a true natural product, each piece is unique in terms of its structure and colour. Fine branches, cracks and ingrown areas underline the materials' authenticity. Characterised by the location of the tree as well as the weather and soil conditions, each piece of solid wood is a genuine, unique product of nature. Solid wood has a pleasant feel, a pleasant smell and it imparts a healthy living environment. Solid wood furniture creates an ideal living atmosphere. The material has antibacterial properties and prevents electrostatic dust charges. It helps counteract allergies, contains no harmful substances and is a natural product. Our raw material, wood, comes exclusively from sustainably managed forestry. Our solid wood furniture ensures the best possible indoor atmosphere, is good for allergy sufferers, pollutant-free and natural.

Surface finishes

Our products are protected by special procedures against external influences and damage. Depending on the type of wood, the wood used is treated e.g. through special brushes or multi-layer water-based lacquer, which is virtually invisible. Only high-quality and environmentally friendly HYDRO or PUR coating systems are used which give the furniture a long-lasting surface.


Furniture fittings allow the opening or closing of a piece of furniture such as cupboard door or drawer. Hinges also allow the doors to be aligned in all directions. The fittings include u. a. handles furniture hinges. Connection fittings, drawer guides and various cover caps and can be made of metal, plastic or wood, depending on the use. We only work with renowned hardware fitting manufacturers where we can rely on quality and functionality.


In many of our products, we set the tone through the use of various upholstery fabrics, such as loden, fabrics or leather. Many of our bed benches and upholstered headboards are therefore stylish and comfortable too. We work exclusively with a upholstery partner from our region. This ensures that we can communicate and act together quickly. At the same time, this cooperation offers the advantage of a common quality control from the beginning to the finished product. We only use upholstery fabrics which match our furniture quality and emphasize the natural aspect of our products.


Glass is a versatile material and is becoming increasingly popular in the furniture industry. We use glass in our furniture to add value in the form of a shelf or mirror. But color glass also plays an important role as a design element in our products. Often night consoles, ancillary furniture or wardrobes can be selected with color glass and thus get a very different look. All glasses we use are produced according to the valid DIN and Euro standards. As a natural product, this material is an ideal companion of our products.

Mineral Stone

The material with unlimited possibilities. In the manufacture of moulded, impermeable forms, Mineral Stone is able to achieve almost the impossible. This mineral material will win you over with its high impermeability, water and scratch resistance, and excellent hygiene properties. And to top it all off, it is recyclable and produces nearly no emissions.